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International Commodity Trading – We’re Always on the Move, Just for You

We are flourishing internationally with operations in Germany, western, and southern Europe, and we even have a worldwide trade network in the FMCG sector. This is a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing, which equates to some fierce competition.


We are convinced that nerves of steel and an energetic drive is something learned, not something we are born with. So we will keep moving, just for you. General Manager Markus Born loves to hop on his bike to speed to the office. Weaving in and out of harbor traffic and not letting 40-tonne trucks slow him down. You can expect a balanced performance and the right amount of flow from us.

RESONUS Is a Success in the International Markets and Benefits from a Global Network of Wholesalers


Industry partner and distributor for specialist wholesalers and retail traders for brand-name products


Sales and purchases in European markets with a focus on western and southern Europe


Global network of wholesalers and manufacturers in the FMCG sector